13+ Eye Makeup Tutorial Monolid Image

Create a dramatic eye crease.

13+ Eye Makeup Tutorial Monolid Image. 49 видео 1 065 просмотров обновлен 14 нояб. And while monolid eyes are just as beautiful as all other types of eyes, they are often underrepresented in the makeup world.

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Everyone has differently shaped eyes, which renders any sort of specific rule about how to apply eye makeup somewhat invalid. So this video is a little 's a monolid makeup tutorial but for 5 of my go to looks! Most makeup tutorials on instagram and youtube generally follow the same template:

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Get the best eye makeup for your eye shape: We brought in a professional makeup artist who specializes in monolids, irene kim. Monolid eyes don't have a crease on the eyelid, and they're common in asian cultures. By 18man 10 months ago 570 views.